Vici Ventus Offshore Wind Foundations

Taking offshore oil & gas experience to offshore wind

Vici Ventus Technology AS delivers innovative foundations to the offshore wind industry. Based on experience from the Oil and Gas industry Vici Ventus have developed two different types of bottom fixed foundations for offshore wind turbines:

  • Concrete Gravity Structure (CGS) - A self floating concrete gravity substructure, possibly also with skirts for soft soil
  • Space Frame Tower (SFT) - A steel space frame substructure with different foundation solution

We have leveraged experience and methodology from design and installation of oil & gas facilities to develop robust and cost effective support structures for offshore wind.

Our CGS foundation is self floating and may eliminate all use of offshore heavy lift vessels during installation. We have access to excellent fabrication sites, and the turbine can be mounted in a fjord before it is towed to the site where it is installed using ballasting. Concrete has superb characteristics related to fatigue, and the CGS substructure can be designed for 100 years life or more

Our SFT design is, with its special nodes, particularly suited for structures subjected to fatigue loads. The high level of standardized nodes and other structural elements also allow for very efficient fabrication with a high degree og automatic welding etc. The SFT can be designed with gravity foundation, bucket foundations or piles for different soil conditions.

Our solutions will contribute to reduce costs of offshore wind power and our self floating approach provides increased robustness and predictability with regard to marine operations offshore.

Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen