No heavy lift - No piling - Marine life Friendly - Very long design life

Vici Ventus has developed a new and innovative concrete foundation concept, suitable for large offshore wind turbines in water depths 30-100m. This robust and durable solution significantly reduces risks and costs associated with transport and installation.

This concrete foundation structure allows for inshore assembly of complete wind turbines including foundation, tower, generator and rotor. In this way the use of expensive offshore cranes for installation is avoided as only standard tugs are used for the installation.

The complete turbine is towed to site and installed by ballasting. The concrete foundation provides a stiff and strong base for the wind turbine preventing unfavorable dynamic effects and fatigue problems.

In addition to reducing cost and enlarging the weather window for installation, our solution minimizes the negative impact on marine life associated with traditional piling methods.

Read more about our solution in our product sheet.

Illustration Video – Presenting the production-, assembly- and installation methods used for our concrete gravity foundations. The wind turbine and tower can be integrated  with the concrete substructure inshore as presented in the video, or it can be installed offshore after installation of the substructure.